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REC Solar Panel

We've thoughtfully partnered with solar panel suppliers REC, Hyundai Energy Solutions and Canadian Solar.

These quality brands will provide you with the best output and warranty on the market, ensuring you're not replacing your panels in 10 years.


Hyundai Energy Solutions installers
Canadian Solar installers



Your solar inverter is going to work hard for you, day in and day out. To maximise efficiency and longevity, we utilise Fronius, Enphase, Sungrow and SolarEdge.

Enphase product installers
Sungrow installers Brisbane
SolarEdge installers Northside


Tesla powerwall battery

Your new solar energy system will usually collect more power than you can immediately use. 

You can send excess power back to the grid, or you can store it for use at night, or on more shady days. 

Our solar battery partners include Tesla, BYD and LG. 

Sunlogics are a Tesla energy certified installer
BYD Solar installers
RESU by LG Chem installers Brisbane


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