Northside Solar

We keep solar simple.

The sun shines bright Northside, and thanks to evolving solar technology we can take advantage of a natural resource for our own personal use. But an affordable price doesn’t compromise quality. We only use the best of products to ensure the longevity of your system and to reduce your bills for years to come.


Save up to 80% on your Brisbane Northside electricity bills.


Ask our team about a plan that supplies your site with 100% renewable energy.


Receive a rebate of up to 40% of your Brisbane Northside solar systems total cost.

Why go Solar

As electricity prices are skyrocketing, why not take advantage of our Brisbane Northside sunshine with a Sunlogics Solar System.

Making the switch to solar in Brisbane Northside can help you significantly reduce or eliminate your ongoing electricity bills. A well-designed and properly installed home solar power system can also deliver a considerable return on investment, often within only 4 years.

Sunlogics qualified electrician fixing solar panel to a Brisbane roof


We're qualified electricians with over 15 years experience. We know a thing or two about designing solar systems that maximising efficiency to bring you the best in solar power all year round. 

No matter your location, orientation or roof type, the Sunlogics team will design the optimal solar system for your Northside home, lifestyle and budget.

Drone image looking at roof with new solar panels installed by Sunlogics


‘Green’ Energy in Brisbane Northside can assist in lowering your overheads, grow your financial returns and contribute to a cleaner future. 

As most operating hours for Northside businesses are during prime daylight hours, investing into Solar Energy for your business is a huge step in the right direction.

Thanks to recent technological growth in the Solar Power Sector, we can provide a solar system for your business that meets both your energy and financial goals. 

drone image of large solar installation by sunlogics


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